Ideas: How to make awesome stuff from wine corks

Finally! Now there's a purpose for all those wine corks you were saving all this time, seems like you listening to your gut and saving the corks (and drinking the wine) is finally paying off. 

Here are 5 upcycling ideas to put those dusty corks to use.

1. Wine Cork Coasters:

coasters made of cork, one wine glass standing on it

Cut your corks lengthwise and, using a gluegun, glue them to a slim wooden or stone plate, or just glue them to one another in a square or circular pattern to create unique and heat-resistant coasters for your drinks.

2. Wine Cork Trivet:

trivet made of corks, laying on a table with a blue tablecloth

Glue wine corks together in a circular or square arrangement to form a trivet. You can slice them in half just as for the coasters but since it should support heavier things you can just leave them whole. This can be used to protect your tabletops and surfaces from hot pots and pans.

3. Cork Keychains:

keychain made of a wine cork with a key attached to it

Drill a small hole through the top of a wine cork and insert a keyring. It makes for a lightweight and unique keychain. It's the lifevest to one of your most precious possessions, because not only does it style up your keybundle, it can also save your keys from sinking if they ever fall in water. 

4. Wine Cork Bath Mat:

bathmat made of corks, a persons feet standing on them, shown from above

Slice the wine corks lengthwise (same as for the coasters) and affix them to a rubber mat or classic rug mat using a strong adhesive, preferrably a glue gun. This creates a spa-like bath mat with a comfortable and textured surface that will stun your guests and, to make up for it, boost their blood circulation in their feet.

5. Wine Cork Bulletin Board:

a framed bulletin board made of corks with pins and post-its on it

Glue wine corks to a backing board to create a stylish and functional bulletin board. Perfect for displaying notes, photos, or reminders.

Now let those corks fly!!!

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