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The HydroGenie™

The HydroGenie™

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Introducing our HydroGenie, a revolutionary way to enhance your overall well-being effortlessly. Crafted from high strength borosilicate glass, it ensures both quality and BPA-free safety in every sip.

In just 3 minutes, this sleek modern bottle produces a cup of hydrogen-rich water, directly enhancing cellular health, improving nutrient absorption, improving focus and concentration, naturally boosting your energy and even aiding in blood glucose regulation, especially beneficial for those managing diabetes.

On top of all that it also works wonders for your skin, reducing signs of aging for a radiant glow. With easy-to-follow steps for usage and a minimalist design, our HydroGenie is your go-to companion for a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle.

In the FAQ Section further below we answer all the common questions around our HydroGenie.

Why using HydroGenie?

Consider the impact of nature's embrace on our mood. It's all about ions—electrically charged particles in the air.

While both positive and negative ions exist naturally, our modern world leans heavily toward positive ions, or free radicals, which speed up aging and cell damage by stealing electrons from healthy cells.

Enter molecular hydrogen, a powerful antioxidant. It efficiently neutralizes free radicals, restoring balance without causing further disruption.

This not only fights oxidative stress but also leaves you feeling refreshed, with water as a byproduct.

Product Information

Material: Borosilicate Glass, Aluminium
Size: Ø7cm(2.7in) * 20,5cm(8in)
Capacity: 420ml
Package contains: 1 HydroGenie, 1 Power Cable, 1 Instruction Manual

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How It Works?

With a simple press of the button, water undergoes electrolysis, separating into hydrogen and oxygen gas. The hydrogen gas then seamlessly infuses into the water, creating antioxidant-rich water with optimal bioavailability, offering a boost of energy-giving properties.

Hydrogen Health Generator

Our HydroGenie is a 420ml bottle engineered for top-tier performance, safety, and purity. Using advanced PEM/SPE electrolysis and nano-infusion bubbles, it delivers high-concentration bio-active hydrogen water, offering unparalleled health benefits with over 3500 ppb absorption levels.

SPE/PEM Technology 

Employing cutting-edge Solid Polymer Electrolyte (SPE) and Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology, our system ensures the infusion of pure H2 at high concentrations, effectively eliminating other gases, such as chlorine and ozone.

Furthermore, our membrane development integrates a Nano-bubble complex configuration, facilitating maximum fluid saturation and dispersion of pure molecular hydrogen.

Portable Charging 

Our bottle boasts a robust 2500 mAh Li-Po battery, ensuring prolonged usage, while its USB recharging capability enables charging on the move. Whether plugged into a wall outlet or connected directly to a laptop or car port via the included USB power adapter, you can conveniently create clean, energized hydrogen water anytime and anywhere.

Within The Cell

Our bottle's molecular hydrogen is a potent antioxidant, targeting and neutralizing harmful free radicals by donating electrons. Its small size enables it to penetrate cells, including brain cells, reducing oxidative stress and inflammation, thereby helping in preventing diseases like Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease associated with cellular dysfunction.

Bio-Mineralisation Technology

Our filter incorporates essential ionic minerals, including magnesium, calcium, and various trace minerals crucial for robust bio-signaling and sustained energy levels in the body. These minerals are vital for maintaining overall health and vitality.

By employing bioactive plant-derived forms, our structured mineral infusion ensures optimal upregulation and cellular absorption, maximizing their beneficial effects.

Furthermore, these minerals bolster the body's resilience against harmful impurities that oxidize cells through free radical damage, enhancing overall well-being.


What will I notice?

Users typically notice initial effects such as heightened energy levels, enhanced concentration, improved mood, and increased strength after using the HydroGenie. Over time, it can lead to clearer skin, reduction in wrinkles, and benefits in combating inflammatory diseases, showcasing its long-term health advantages.

Does it change the taste?

No. Adding hydrogen to water does not alter its taste, as hydrogen itself is tasteless. The HydroGenie maintains water's natural taste by utilizing materials that are both taste and odor-neutral. The water however does become smoother through the process.

Do I need to refill the hydrogen?

No. The hydrogen gas is created within the bottle using a process called electrolysis. Electrolysis involves passing an electric current through water (H2O), which causes it to split into hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2) gases. These gases are then released into the water within the bottle, enriching it with more available hydrogen.

Which type of water can I use?

Any type of clean water, whether it's sparkling, tap, bottled, can be used with the HydroGenie without affecting the outcome. Despite the bubbles that may appear during the process of enriching water with hydrogen, it does not introduce a sparkling effect to the water.

How much can or should I drink?

For optimal health benefits, it's recommended that adults drink 1.5 to 2 liters per day, with athletes requiring higher intake levels based on their activity levels. While there's absolutely no harm in drinking hydrogen-enriched water, it's advisable not to consume excessive amounts as is also the rule for any type of water.

Does it change the water temperature?

No. The HydroGenie does not alter the temperature of the water during the hydrogen enrichment process.

Can I add different liquids?

For optimal results, it's advised to use pure water with the HydroGenie, although cold teas can also be utilized. However, beverages such as sodas, coffee, or alcoholic drinks aren't recommended, as their hydrogen content varies, resulting in less effective enrichment. Anyways it's also worth noting that drinking only water is generally considered the healthiest option.