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The Ultimate Solution For The Summer Heat

Introducing the ArctiBlast™: your ultimate companion for staying cool and comfortable during the coming sweltering summer months. With its integrated water tank and misting capabilities, our ArctiBlast not only circulates air but also blankets your entire room with refreshing, icy mist.

Adjustable To Your Heart's Content

Complete with customizable settings including an auto shutdown timer, various lighting modes, and adjustable mist nozzles and speeds, the ArctiBlast offers unparalleled versatility while remaining effortless to maintain for optimal hygiene.

Promotes Better Sleep And Health

Experience the importance of cool bedrooms for a restorative sleep firsthand as our ArctiBlast ensures you enjoy uninterrupted, comfortable sleep even amidst the hottest nights. Sleeping in a cool bedroom can enhance sleep quality and promote overall health by facilitating the body's natural temperature regulation, leading to deeper, more restorative sleep.

Eco-Friendly Cooling, Cost-Effective Comfort

Its powerful turbine capable of generating windspeeds of up to 31mph, ArctiBlast swiftly circulates refreshing, icy mist throughout your room, creating a soothing oasis. Not only does ArctiBlast boast exceptional performance, but its energy-efficient turbine operates silently, ensuring a peaceful environment conducive to restful sleep or effective work.

Diffuse Pleasant Aromas

Our ArctiBlast also features a scent pad where you can insert perfume or essential oils, allowing for the diffusion of pleasant scents throughout the room. Additionally, essential oils can also be added to the water tank, providing an alternative method to disperse soothing fragrances for a more relaxing atmosphere.

7 Lighting Modes To Fit Your Mood

But that's not all – ArctiBlast offers seven different color light modes that are easy on the eyes, allowing you to set the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

Product Information

Material: Aluminium, Polycarbonate
Size: 10.2in (26cm) * 8.2in (21cm)
Water tank capacity: 20.2oz (600ml)
Features: 1.2m power cable
Package contains: 1 ArctiBlast
Origin: Made in USA

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