Sustainability at Home Darlings

At Home Darlings, we are passionate about creating a more sustainable future while transforming your living spaces into havens of comfort and style. Our commitment to sustainability is woven into the fabric of our brand, influencing every aspect of how we operate.

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Emphasis on Natural Materials: We believe in the beauty and sustainability of nature. That's why our product selection emphasizes items made from natural materials. From organic cotton bedding to bamboo furniture, our offerings align with our vision for a more eco-friendly home.

Energy-Saving Practices: Reducing our environmental footprint is crucial to us. To save energy, we'd like to recommend the following practices:

  • Heating Less: We encourage warmth through cozy blankets and carpets, reducing the need for excessive heating. Cooler temperatures are not only healthy for your energy bill but also for your body: the optimal temperature for sleeping is said to be 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit (15 to 19 degrees Celsius). Also make sure your windows and other apertures are sealed well to prevent a unnecessary energy spills from going out the window (pun intended). Tip: using insulating strips for old windows can be a real gamechanger to your energy bill.
  • Cooling Naturally: Instead of relying on air conditioning, consider using outside or inside blinds to naturally cool your home. The sealing of all potential entry points of air into your also extends to cooling your home in the summer, so its a win-win.
  • LED Lights: We've transitioned from old wire lights to energy-efficient LED lights, promoting sustainability without compromising on style. Make sure you check your lights at home and exchange the old light bulbs with new LED bulbs. Their energy consumption is up to 90% lower than that of older wire light bulbs. We have a great selection of practical and optically pleasing LED lights in our Lighting collection.

Upcycling and DIY Darlings: Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond our products. Explore our DIY Darlings section, where you'll find guides on upcycling and rebuilding old and used items. Join us in embracing the art of repurposing and reducing waste, making a positive impact one project at a time.

Flexible Returns Policy: At Home Darlings, we understand that sometimes a product may not meet your expectations. For certain items, we offer a unique approach to sustainability – some products do not have to be returned to qualify for a refund. If a product doesn't function to your satisfaction or arrives damaged, please contact our support team for assistance. We believe in finding sustainable solutions that benefit both you and the environment. For more information please visit our Return Policy page.

Thank you for choosing Home Darlings, where style meets sustainability. Together, let's create homes that reflect our commitment to a greener, kinder and more harmonious world.